Kilcullen Parish - Parish of the Sacred & Saint Brigid Kilcullen                    Church of Saint Joseph Gormanstown
The Pastoral Council 
What is a Pastoral Council
  • it is about priests and people working together
  • sharing their wisdom
  • planning together for realistic action

This works by 
participation in diocesan pastoral initiatives 
develops a spirit of prayer encourages others to get involved
communicates with parish, deanery and diocese
If you feel you would like to join the pastoral council please drop an email to us at
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Last Name:
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Kilcullen Parish Pastoral Council Mission Statement
Each PPC exists to further the mission of Christ and his Church in the parish.  Members do so by contributing to the building up of the faith, hope and love of all parishioners.  They contribute by encouraging fellow parishioners, through their example and conversation, to fully, actively and consciously participate in the Sunday Eucharist. The Pastoral Council:
  • Prays for the well-being of the parish community
  • Organises and promotes events that will contribute to the prayer life and faith life of the community
  • Works to improve communication throughout the parish, especially through inputs in to the parish newsletter and hosting of meetings around issues of pastoral concern
  • Affirms and supports other parish groups that contribute to the pastoral life of the parish 
  • Organises a get-together of representatives of all parish groups and organisations that contribute to the pastoral life of the parish.

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